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Cities in Liverpool

By train to Liverpool this morning, to meet up with the leaders of the other English Core Cities; Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield, and a chance to experience why we need major investment in our inter-city rail links. The service ran on time but in the 21st century we should have high-speed rail links between all our major cities.

Core Cities have existed as a group for more than a decade now, held together by a common understanding of the role our cities play in the economy and to campaign for policies that would allow us to do a lot more for our cities and the regions they serve.

As with our work with other parts of Greater Manchester, Core Cities work is not at the expense of our individual identities and projects. Quite the opposite as a network of strong, independent, and distinctive cities helps all. Of course, in Liverpool this year, they are all hoping that Capital of Culture gives them the boost they need. It's a challenge to sustain a high-profile event for a whole 12 months but a successful year will be good for all of the North West and I wish them the best of luck.

But Culture isn't on the agenda today - rather it's the nitty-gritty of the economy starting with a presentation on global economic trends and the likely impact on our local economies and then building in excitement from there. A short walk to Lime Street, a crowded Friday afternoon train back to Manchester and fortunately no major hold-ups in the so-called " Manchester Hub ", something I've mentioned before but it's worth repeating that major investment here would bring benefit to the whole of the North, North Midlands and North Wales.

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  1. Alun Hayes Says:

    i couldnt agree more about the intercity links, particularly between Manchester and Liverpool. It should be far quicker! Its really good to hear a senior politician highlight the issue.

  2. Mark Richardson Says:

    I agree that rail links really should be improved although I feel we need rail travel available to all rather than the over-priced Virgin route from Manchester to London. Yes, the journey time has been reduced yet it's sometimes cheaper to fly to Heathrow or Gatwick when I'm attempting to reduce my carbon footprint. I recently attempted to book a through ticket from Manchester to Bordeaux travelling via Virgin Trains, Eurostar and SNCF TGV respectively and was quoted a whopping £255 for the return journey. Five minutes later I'd booked my flight on British Airways from Manchester via Gatwick for a much cheaper price. Surely it's time to start addressing the ever increasing cost of public transport in tandem with improving services across the network?



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