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Back Tracking

Standing in Albert Square last night, in shirt sleeves, after midnight and still very, very warm not surprising that climate change, a dominant theme over the last few weeks, came to mind. It was the Manchester International Festival's launch party, following the superb Steve Reich/Kraftwerk opener at the Velodrome and the square was absolutely heaving, but what I really want to do today is catch up on a couple of events this week I've missed out, one I was at, the other I wasn't.

On Monday, the City Council launched its Community Call to Action, the catchily titled CO2mmunity Challenge, which I did advertise here a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps on that basis I can claim credit for a really good turn out although I suspect the prospect of being able to bid into a £200,000 fund had slightly more significance. Climate change has to be tackled at every level from the home to the globe. No-one has a monopoly of wisdom, not least the City Council, and this fund is aimed at supporting local communities in finding innovative ways of reducing their own carbon footprint.

Then on Wednesday, more than one hundred people attended a launch of the proposed Business Alliance on climate change. Speakers from Arup, the Co-op, and Bruntwood talked about what they were doing with two key propositions. The first is that good environmental practice particularly around energy is good for the bottom line and is good for brand value. The second is that tackling climate change creates a whole range of new opportunities, many not even thought of yet, for new business. A primary objective for Manchester is to de-couple economic growth from increased emissions. Every thinking city now rightly talks about developing a low carbon economy but we will only achieve that by working with business.

Working with business, working with communities are not either/ors but necessary parts of a strategy at the city level to contribute to the biggest challenge we face.

More MIF tonight as I'm off to bingo at the Royal Exchange but don't think we should be gambling on the planet's future.

There are 3 responses to “Back Tracking”

  1. ABU Says:

    ''...but don't think we should be gambling on the planet's future''.

    So you won't be supporting any further expansion or increased capacity of Manchester Airport then?

  2. Richard Leese Says:

    To save unnecessary repitition please see my coment, number 15, under the Get Britain Building item, 17/06/09

  3. Richard Leese Says:

    And before anybody else jumps in I can spell repetition and comment. It's my one finger typing that lets me down.



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