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Welcome to Students

Walking up and down Oxford Road, you can see the huge increase in the number of young people thronging the pavements as the Universities start their new academic year.

Manchester has one of the largest student populations in Europe, and many youngsters are living are away from home for the first time. To help them settle in, the Council has produced a special newspaper guiding them through Manchester's public transport, recycling, libraries to help them study and not forgetting the best entertainment scene in Britain!

This year alongside information-rich fridge magnets, there is a home pack with useful telephone numbers and reminders for when their bins get collected. Not only will they settle in quicker with all that helpful information, but they'll be better neighbours and play their part in creating strong communities.

Once you've studied in Manchester, the city keeps a special place in your heart and the Alumni Association here is one of the strongest. With former students like comedian Peter Kay, Tesco boss Sir Terry Leahy and Amnesty International's Irene Khan, there are stars to aspire too. And now we are attracting eminent lecturers like Martin Amis in creative writing, world-renowned political scientist Robert Putnam and scientists like Enrique Amaya and his leading work on tissue regeneration, the role of the universities in driving the city's economy is even more pronounced.

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