Manchester City Council

Charity street collections register

Here you will find a list of charities and societies with permits to make charity collections in Manchester.

If you want to apply for a permit check this register first to make sure no one else is collecting on the date(s) you require. We only approve one permit per location, per date.

Restrictions on street collections:

a) 28 days’ notice is normally required in respect of any application for a permit;
b) Only one charity may collect on any given date;
c) Street collections may not be granted for more than seven consecutive days;
d) A charity shall only be allocated a permit for one Saturday and one Sunday per year in the city centre; and
e) A charity shall only be allocated one collection in any given three month period within the calendar year (for example, if a charity has a collection on 27 February they would not be allocated another one until after 27 May).

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Was this page helpful?