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Brookdale Park

  1. What the project will do

    Get set to see flowers, fruit, bees and butterflies as part of this project.

    We’ll be taking an area of plain old grass the size of six football pitches and changing it into flower meadows.

    This attract new wildlife, including new bees and different species of butterflies, improving the biodiversity of the park.

    We’ll also be adding to the small community orchard by planting 25 new fruit trees.

    But this project isn’t just about the park looking great. We want to involve nearby schools, giving local children the chance to lend a hand in creating the meadows and we have a plan for classes to have educational visits to the park.

    We’ll be making information materials about the new meadows, to help deliver training and engagement events for local people, hopefully leading to them getting involved with the planting and helping to look after the park in the future.

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    Miles Platting and Newton Heath

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