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Southlea Community Gardens

  1. What the project will do

    This project will transform a fly-tipped eyesore into a biodiverse, educational green space within the heart of the community. Once the physical improvements are done local people can use the area for outdoor workshops and education, encouraging pride in their local area.

    Working parties will create a wildflower area and homes and habitats for wildlife. There will be the chance to make these to take home too, as well as making wildlife feeders and introducing new plants.

    The area is next to a footpath and part of the maintenance work will be done by Southway Housing Group, with input from the groups that use the space.

    The work will be driven by the local community, to fit four key priorities:

    • Environment: improving some open space to improve the local environment.
    • Community ownership: if we can help people to identify with their area and take ownership of a space they will enjoy sense of local pride.
    • Community engagement: to get as many local people involved in the project it has all been driven by local people's concerns, opinions and preferences. People have been asked what they would like to see in the area and the plans have been drawn up to meet to popular demand.
    • Encouraging wildlife and biodiversity: the community gardens can look great, but with the right choices they’ll also be helping nature to thrive.

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  3. Latest news

    This work has been done but we’ll carry on working with local people involved in this project to make sure that it stays at the heart of the community.

    There have been knock effects to the project. Fly tipping has stopped in the area and littering is down too with the bins being used more.

    Local school children now have a connection with the garden as something they helped to create.

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