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Heaton Park

  1. What the project will do

    The grant will mean that work can be done on:

    • Improving the entrances, paths and seating. This means a welcoming visit for everyone, better access for anyone with impaired mobility and will also help keep the park safe.
    • Creating sustainable planting schemes, which look beautiful - but without the high maintenance costs.
    • New litter bin 'housings' to make the large capacity bins look better, and also offer the chance more visitors to recycle their litter.
    • Refurbishing the toilets with new, energy efficient systems that will reduce water and electricity use and also need less maintenance.
    • Refurbishing the children's play facilities.

    All these improvements will help bring more visitors to the park. They'll also allow staff and volunteers the chance to work on new projects to make the park even better.

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    Find out how the projects are going on the Clean City Facebook page.

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    Higher Blackley

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