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Vacant land tidy ups

  1. What the project will do

    Across the city there are pockets of unused, vacant or undeveloped land, and they can have a bad effect on how an area looks. Some sites have had rubbish dumped on them. Some have had repeated traveller encampment, which can mean extra work to clean up once they've moved on.

    This project will pick out sites to improve by encouraging local people to get involved and come up with good ideas for a temporary use while the land is waiting to be developed. Some ideas might be to:

    • clear the site and work with local people to help them maintain it.
    • clear the site and agree a “meanwhile” use with an organisation or local people.
    • clear the site and do some work to change it for the better.

    Improving how place look will means they feel safer and more welcoming. Getting local people involved, whether it's to start a temporary allotment, an orchard of trees-in-tubs or just to make the site safe for dog-walkers, will make a big difference.

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