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Pride in East Manchester

  1. What the project will do

    This project will do a range of work that will raise awareness and make improvements to East Manchester.

    The work will provide volunteering and training opportunities, including a series of free training courses this spring about community group committee roles and responsibilities. It will also educate young people on waste management practices.

    It will support your ideas for ways to improve your area.

    Work is starting on:

    • Stirling Centre Clean-Up Programme
    • Rochdale Canal improvements
    • Dean Lane Greening project
    • Brookdale Park improvements.

    How can I get involved?

    If you want to:

    • enrol on the free training courses,
    • support your local community,
    • join in the next local clean-up event,
    • or, you simply want to know more about the Pride in East Manchester project

    Look out for the Pride in East Manchester Residents Information Pack complete with useful contacts, recycling information, upcoming events and much more. The pack will be available online through and in your local library and community centre.

  2. How much funding this project was given


  3. Latest news

    Pride in East Manchester is now funding the Yellow Brick Road project

    The former Stockport Branch Canal runs through Gorton North and King George V Park. Known locally as the Yellow Brick Road, this is a popular walking and cycling route.

    Local residents want to rejuvenate the area. This project will:

    • improve the pathways;
    • create a low-maintenance space;
    • encourage local people to help out looking after the area;
    • plant fruits, fungi and herbs.

    Find out how the projects are going on the Clean City Facebook page.

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