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Debdale Park planted gardens

  1. What the project will do

    At the minute the four gardens are re-planted twice a year with new bedding plants. This is costly to buy and maintain. The gardens are in prominent positions so we want to make sure they look great at all times, be accessible to everyone and give colour throughout spring and summer.

    We’ll replace the floral gardens with plants that last longer and are easier to look after. We want to make the gardens educational as well as beautiful, so we’ll choose plants with medicinal or herbal qualities, and plants that are part of the local heritage, such as the dye plants used at nearby Clayton Aniline dye plant.

    Each area will have information boards telling the story of how the plants were used over the last hundred years. This project can then work with schools and local history groups like the Gorton Heritage Group.

    The gardens will become part of Gorton's heritage trail, which we are planning with the Growing Gorton Group at Gorton Monastery.

    The Debdale Eco Centre staff and Debdale Gardening Club will look after the plants and give training or talks on how they are grown and how they can be used.

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    Gorton South

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