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Alexandra Park

  1. What the project will do

    The park is being restored using money from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Sport England and National Governing Bodies.

    This includes work on the landscape and features, but it doesn’t cover everything. Clean City funding means we can do some extra work that will add something special. It means we can:

    • renew the boundary fence
    • invest money in the Lake
    • create some wildflower meadows

    Repairing and replacing the boundary fence will have a big impact and give visitors a great first impression of the Park.

    Local volunteers have written a lake management plan with our help. This will mean improved water quality, a new fishing club and new fish stocks. There will be new signs by the lake, and education and recreation projects.

    Turning the wild areas at the edge of the park into wildflower meadows will add to the biodiversity and is great news for the local Wildlife Forum.

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    Moss Side

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