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Manchester Standard for parks

  1. What the project will do

    Over the years we’ve developed some great working partnerships with local residents, communities and organisations in Manchester’s parks and green spaces.

    This has often led to ‘Friends of the park’ groups being set up, which helps everyone get the best use from these spaces, with plenty of events and better management.

    This way of working has helped to make sure that Manchester has sustainable spaces which are developed to match what the community wants and needs. This has meant that spaces are well-loved and well-used.

    We will develop a “Manchester Standard” for parks. This will help us raise the standard in the parks and green spaces that have had less money spent on them, or where the local community isn’t as involved.

    These include: Queens Park, Delamere Park, Moss Side Park, Kingswood Park and Kirkup Gardens.

    The Manchester Standard is to:

    • Create and maintain a network of residents with common interests who want to make a difference in their local community
    • Support this network to identify and make quick and visible changes within their local park or green space. These will be ‘clean and green’ activities such as naturalised planting, painting fences and/or removing any redundant or broken furniture.
    • Support these residents to gain more formal skills and knowledge such as risk assessment, basic maintenance and sustainable landscaping.
    • Create a development plan with an investment strategy for the longer term sustainability of the park or green space, and identifying where they will play an active role.

    Find out more about Friends of the Park groups

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