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Cartons (eg: Tetrapak)

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    Cartons (eg: Tetrapak)

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  3. Which bin?

    Blue recycling bin or bag

  4. What to do. . .

    When we say 'cartons' we mean the box type packaging that fruit juice, milk or soup comes in. Some cartons say Tetra-pak on them. You can also include your takeaway coffee cups if they're made of the carton-like cardboard, just throw away the plastic lids first please. If your takeaway cup is made of polystyrene that cannot be recycled.

  5. Order a new bin

    Order a new bin or bag

  6. Find your nearest tip (HWRC)

    There are three Household Waste Recycling Centres (Tips) in Manchester. Find your nearest HWRC Centre (tip)

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