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Food waste

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    Food waste

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  3. Which bin?

    Green recycling bin

  4. What to do. . .

    You can recycle all of your food waste. Use the kitchen caddy indoors, with the compostable caddy liner bags, and then put the full bags into your green bin for collection. Please don't use any other bags. You'll find that the lid fits closely, so there shouldn't be any problem with odour at all.

    You can put all your cooked or raw waste in the caddy, including meat or fish bones, leftovers, stale bread, eggshells, veg and fruit peelings, cheese that's past its best, plate scrapings, used teabags or coffee grounds. Please make sure you don't include any packaging.

    For more ideas on how to make the most of the food that you buy, visit

  5. Order caddy liners

    Order new caddy liners

  6. Order a new bin

    Order a new bin or bag

  7. Find your nearest tip (HWRC)

    There are three Household Waste Recycling Centres (Tips) in Manchester. Find your nearest HWRC Centre (tip)

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