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    The Flood Risk Management team have completed the first phase of their ‘Clean Streams’ project which falls under both Central Government Defra and Clean City funding.

    The aim of the project is to restore urban watercourses through activities that also support other local priorities. As well as benefitting the environment, the project has worked with local people to create pride in the area, encouraging the local community to assist with the longer term maintenance of the watercourse.

    In 2016 we undertook works at five urban streams across Manchester including:

    • Boggart Hole Clough Park
    • Fletcher Moss Park
    • Mill Brook (Newall Green, Wythenshawe)
    • Nico Ditch (Gorton)

    The first phase of the project has cleaned and restored (where appropriate) 4.5km of watercourses with tonnes of rubbish removed, habitat improved by planting marginal wetland plants, two new community orchards established and around 200 trees planted. Over 1000 local people were engaged, including local schools, youth groups, businesses and residents. They were encouraged to get involved and to take some ownership of their local watercourse. Working with schools and youth groups provided valuable opportunities for formal and informal learning, and raising awareness of a range of environmental issues.

    The team are currently putting together the business case to receive the Central Government Defra funding, which will enable further works to be undertaken across Manchester. The second phase of works will prioritise those areas at highest risk of flooding where the greatest number of properties will benefit.

    Fletcher Moss Himalayan Balsam Bash

    As part of the Clean Streams project the MCC Flood Risk Management Team worked with year 4 pupils from Broad Oak Primary School in Didsbury to clear a large area of Himalayan Balsam next to the stream in Fletcher Moss Park.  Himalayan Balsam is considered to be an invasive specie; it grows quickly up to 2-3 m high and outcompetes surrounding vegetation. Himalayan Balsam ‘bashing’ to clear the plant from river banks helps to reduce flooding and promotes the growth of native vegetation.

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