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Food growing - Heaton Park Community Garden

  1. What the project will do

    A brand-new, self-sustaining Community Garden featuring areas for growing and picking soft fruits such as raspberries and currants. There will also be a small orchard, a composting facility, raised beds and a ‘polytunnel’ (a large plastic greenhouse for growing fruits and veggies).

    In addition, there’ll be a ‘permaculture’ area, which will replicate a self-sustaining natural habitat where plants will grow as they would in nature.

    Established volunteer and community groups, such as incredible Edible Heaton Park, will provide local people with hands-on training in the art of ‘growing your own’. You’ll also be able to enjoy some of the food in the Stables and Pavilion Cafes located in the park.

    The garden will help to develop careers and skills, and there will be a classroom facility where local children will learn about where their food comes from.

    Volunteers will be invited to help in the garden to gain work experience, and apprentices will be able to undertake recognised horticultural qualifications thanks to this exciting project.

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    Higher Blackley

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