Manchester City Council

Mythorn Walk, Newton Heath

  1. Reference


  2. Results

    The Order has been made. See notice and order.

  3. Consultation start date

    1 February 2016

  4. Consultation end date

    1 March 2016

  5. Summary

    We want to prevent repeated anti-social behaviour between 7 Mythorn Walk and 8 Portfield Walk, and underneath a floating bedroom belonging to 7 Mythorn Walk. The antisocial behaviour has been committed by different groups of ten plus youths of varying age gathering in the area. They play music on iPods, drink, smoke cannabis and cause general nuisance to residents in the area. The Public Spaces Protection Order proposes to close and gate the section of walkway between 7 Mythorn Walk and 8 Portfield Walk at all times for a maximum period of 3 years. The Order would apply to everyone, apart from council and Northwards staff who may require access for maintenance.

  6. Documents and plans

    Statement of Reasons, notice of proposal and plans

  7. Area (see plans for exact location)

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