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Swinton Hospital

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    Swinton hospital opened in 1927 as a mentally defective children annex to Springfield Hospital, also known as Swinton Homes, and during the 1960's, as Swinton's Children's Hospital.
    The Hospital came under Park House and Swinton Home Hospital Management Committee between 1948 to 1949, Springfield and Swinton Hospital Management Committee 1949 to 1971, and Salford Hospital Management Committee 1971 to 1974. In 1980 the hospital changed its name to Swinton Hospital. The hospital's premises were on Partington Lane, Swinton. Source: (L Coyne, D Doyle and J Pickstone, 'A Guide to the Records of Health Services in the Manchester Region (Kendal to Crewe): Part One. Hospital Services', (Occasional Publication No. 3, Department of History of Science and Technology, UMIST, 1981))

  3. What's available

    We hold records for 1915 to 1985 including:

    • patient records, 1935-1984 (restricted access).
    • visitors books and reports 1915 to 1985
    • staff register 1930 to 1953,
    • medical officer's and superintendent' s reports 1953 to 1968
    • building plans 1959 to 1975

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    Resources are available in the search room, please make an appointment.

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