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Replacement vehicle - hackney carriage/private hire

  1. Summary

    A hackney carriage/private vehicle can be replaced at any time during the licence period. 

    Use this form ONLY if you are replacing your vehicle during the currency of the licence. If you are replacing a vehicle at the time of renewal ​you must not use this form.  Please us​e​ the renewal application form​, which you will have received in the post  4-6 weeks before your licence expires. ​​​ The renewal form allows you to put on a replacement vehicle as the same time as you renew the licence. 

    Please note your licence is at risk if you do not renew it before the date of expiry​ regardless if you are also replacing the vehicle.

    The replacement vehicle:

    • Hackney Carriage - must be an approved make and model under the current Manchester hackney carriage vehicle policy.  When a vehicle is first licensed (including a replacement vehicle) it is expected to meet
      (and maintain) the current (*Euro 6) or immediate previous Euro emission standard (**Euro 5). This standard
      must be maintained throughout the period that the specified vehicle is licensed.
      *Euro 5 - Applied new passenger car approvals form 2009 - most new registrations from 2011; and
      **Euro 6 - Applied new passenger car approvals from September 2014 - most new registrations from September 2015.
      • Swivel seats – are mandatory in all hackney carriage vehicles, if the vehicle has been retro-fitted with a swivel seat, then this must have been properly fitted and have the correct certification from Allied vehicles or garages approved by Allied vehicles;
    • Private Hire – must conform to the private hire colour policy (true silver /white) and the current age policy (less than 7 years old).

    Write off vehicles - where a vehicle has been previously written off, copies of the following must accompany the application and the originals must be produced at the garage on the day of the test.

    • a report from the insurance company detailing all accident damage to the vehicle; and 
    • a report from a 'Vehicle Engineer', which provides evidence that all accident damage has been inspected and has been repaired to VOSA standard.

    If you have any enquiries before purchasing a vehicle or submitting your application relating to vehicle specification, colour, age or seating arrangements, please contact the test centre directly on 0161 856 2047, 2048, 2045 or 1860.

  2. Fees

    Replacement vehicle £150 (during currency of licence)

  3. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

  4. Attachments required

    • The log book V5C (vehicle registration document), this must be in your name and current address. A photocopy of the V5C can be provided with your application;   
    • If the vehicle is BRAND NEW from a showroom, the log book V5C or invoice (bill of sale, will need to include the VAT number), from the dealership AND a letter from the dealership stating the vehicle is brand new with delivery mileage only - maximum delivery mileage permitted is 200 miles;
    • Write off vehicles - documentation as stated within the summary section; 
    • Swivel seats - installation certificate and associated receipt;
    • Preferred date and time for vehicle test appointment;

    Documents that must be produced at the garage - these MUST be original documents:

    • Valid insurance certificate;
    • Documentation as stated above if the vehicle has been previously categorised as a 'write-off'; and
    • Swivel seat installation certification and associated receipt.

  5. Processing and timescales

    10 working days

  6. Legislation

    All vehicles must be less than 10 years old at date of application or less than 12 years old if an approved emissions kit is fitted; an approved make and model; have maximum 6 passenger seats; road taxed with DVLA and have valid insurance to carry fare paying passengers.

  7. Validity and renewals

    12 months

  8. Complaints

    Email in the first instance

  9. Email

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