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House in multiple occupation - apply for a temporary exemption

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    A landlord must have a licence for a privately-rented house in multiple occupation (HMO) if it meets the following criteria: .three storeys or more (including usable basements or attics); and .is occupied by five or more people; .those people form two or more households; .tenants share some amenities like kitchen, bathroom or laundry. We have the power to grant a temporary exemption for licensing when a landlord takes steps to remove a property from the licensing requirements.

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  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Policy, standards & conditions

    Apply for a temporary exemption

  5. Processing and timescales

    28 working days. Tacit Consent will not apply due to public safety.

  6. Legislation

    You must be a fit and proper person to hold the licence.

    A summary of the regulation relating to this licence can be found here:

  7. Validity and renewals

    3 months only.

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