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Install CCTV - hackney carriage/private hire vehicle

  1. Summary

    You can apply to install CCTV in a licensed hackney carriage or private hire vehicle when submitting a new or renewing existing licence.

    The equipment must be provided and fitted by an approved supplier and will be inspected as part of the full vehicle inspection.

    Additional conditions relating to the use of CCTV in the vehicle will apply and are automatically added to a new licence. If you are installing before renewal you will be required to complete an undertaking form confirming you accept these additional conditions, see application section below.

    You may also want to install VPIS in a vehicle

  2. Fees

    There is no charge.

  3. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    View the register of CCTV approved suppliers

    Before you apply read CCTV policy and conditions

    Apply to install CCTV in a vehicle

    If you are installing CCTV and your vehicle renewal is not yet due then you also need to complete a CCTV undertaking form

  4. Processing and timescales

    10 working days.

  5. Legislation

    The vehicle licence will be subject to additional conditions to ensure that the CCTV system is installed and maintained properly and to ensure it will not interfere with the safety and comfort of passengers and to ensure the integrity of any images captured.

  6. Complaints

    Email in the first instance

  7. Email

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