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  2. Summary

    A Personal licence allows an individual to be a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) at a licensed premise that sells or supplies alcohol. 

    Applicants must not be under 18 years of age, and not had a Personal licence forfeited within the last five years. You must also hold an accredited licensing qualification and must declare any convictions for any relevant or foreign offence.

    Applicants must be entitled to work in the UK and must not be subject to a condition preventing them from doing work relating to the carrying on of a licensable activity. A licence will become invalid if the holder ceases to be entitled to live and work in the UK.

  3. Fees

    £37.00 payable online AFTER we have received the relevant forms (below)

  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    This application should be made to the Local Authority in which the applicant lives, not to the Authority in which the licensed premise is located. Before making your application, check your postcode to see which council you should apply to.

    Application and guidance notes

    Entitlement to work/immigration status guidance notes

  5. Attachments required

    • a criminal conviction certificate or criminal record certificate or the results of a subject access search of the police national computer by the National Intelligence Service; 
    • a disclosure of convictions and declaration form; 
    • two photographs of yourself, one which is endorsed as a true likeness of you by a solicitor or notary, a person of standing in the community, or any individual with a professional qualification; and 
    • the original or a certified copy of your Level 2 qualification for Personal licence holders.
    • proof of your right to work in the United Kingdom

  6. Processing and timescales

    If you have any relevant convictions we will notify the police of your application. The police then have 14 days to object to the application, if they choose to do so. Also, Home Office Immigration Enforcement will need to be served a copy of the application if you have an unspent immigration offence, foreign offence equivalent or have been required to pay an immigration penalty. They also will have 14 days to object to the application. If the police or Immigration Enforcement do not object to the application and the applicant fulfils the criteria, the licence will be granted.


  7. Register

    The electronic premises licensing register is currently unavailable. a copy of the register is available for inspection on request, please email to make an appointment to view between 9am - 5pm at the Licensing Unit, Level 1, Town Hall Extension, Manchester, M2 5DB.

  8. Complaints

    Contact Licensing in the first instance.

  9. Email

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