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  2. Summary

    A pet shop is defined as premises (including a private dwelling) carrying out a business of selling animals as pets, including selling animals over the internet and a licence is required.

    Applicants must not be disqualified from operating a pet shop, keeping an animal boarding establishment, keeping a dog or having the custody of animals.

     A pet shop licence is not needed if a person is keeping or selling pedigree animals bred or the off spring of an animal kept as a pet.

     To change any details of the licence a new application should be submitted.

  3. Fees


  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Apply for a pet shop licence

    Read the guidance notes

  5. Processing and timescales

    A copy of the application is sent to RSPCA for comment and a public protection officer will inspect the premises.

    The consultation period is 28 days and if no objections are received and the inspection is satisfactory a licence will be granted.

    The following will be considered before granting a licence:

    • that the animals be kept in suitable accommodation, (temperature, size, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness);
    • that adequate food and drink be provided for the animals and be visited at suitable intervals;
    • that any animal will not be sold too young;
    • that steps are taken to prevent disease spreading among the animals;
    • that adequate fire and emergency provisions are in place;

    Any person who is refused a licence has the right of appeal.

  6. Legislation

  7. Validity and renewals

    The licence is valid for a maximum 12 months and is renewed 1 January each year.

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  9. Complaints

    Please contact us in the first instance.

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