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DPS variation (consent & application) - Premises licence

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  2. Summary

    Premises Licences that authorise the sale of alcohol must specify an individual as the designated premises supervisor (DPS).
    Only the licence holder can apply to vary a licence to nominate a new DPS.

    The person nominated as the new DPS on a Premises Licence must complete a consent form. The DPS must be over 18 years of age and must hold a personal licence.

    Important Note: Any proposed DPS must be entitled to work in the United Kingdom and must not be subject to a condition preventing them from doing work relating to the carrying on of a licensable activity

    Those who employ an adult where they do so in the knowledge, or with reasonable cause to believe, that the employee is disqualified by reason of their immigration status will be committing an offence under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. 

  3. Fees

    Consent - none

    Application - £23.00

  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Give DPS consent

    Nominate a new DPS

    Entitlement to work/immigration status guidance notes

  5. Attachments required

    Premises Licence

  6. Processing and timescales

    A copy of this application will be provided to Greater Manchester Police on your behalf.

    This application is in consultation for 14 days following receipt of the application.

    The application will be granted the day after the end of the consultation period if no representations are received against the application. 

    If representations are received, a hearing will be held within 20 working days after end of the consultation period and you will be notified in writing.

    If the application is granted the licence will be issued within 28 working days of the grant of the application. 

  7. Legislation

  8. Validity and renewals

    The Licence is valid whilst the premises is used for licensable activities and subject to annual fees. We will automatically raise an invoice for the payment.

  9. Register

    The electronic premises licensing register is currently unavailable. a copy of the register is available for inspection on request, please email to make an appointment to view between 9am - 5pm at the Licensing Unit, Level 1, Town Hall Extension, Manchester, M2 5DB.

  10. Complaints

    Contact us in the first instance

    If an application for a licence is refused the failed applicant can appeal.

    Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of decision. A licence holder may appeal against any conditions attached to a licence, a decision to reject a variation application, a decision to reject a transfer application or a decision to exclude an activity or person as premises supervisor. Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of the decision.

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