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Provisional statement - Premises licence

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  2. Summary

    A provisional licence can be applied for to obtain authorisation for the proposed use of a premises where premises are being or are about to be constructed, extended or otherwise altered for the purpose of being used for one or more licensable activities for licensable activities.

    This includes the sale or supply of alcohol, regulated entertainment, provision of facilities for music and dancing, and late night refreshment (the provision of hot food or drink between 11pm - 5am).

    A provisional statement can be applied for to obtain authorisation for the licensable activities although you will subsequently be required to apply for a premises licence upon the completion of the works.

    Any of the following may apply for a premises licence:

    • anyone who uses carries on a business in the premises to which the application relates;
    • a recognised club;
    • a charity;
    • a health service body;
    • a person who is registered under the Care Standards Act 2000 in relation to an independent hospital; 
    • a chief police officer of a force in England and Wales; 
    • anyone discharging a statutory or function under Her Majesty's prerogative; 
    • a person from an educational institute; or
    • any other permitted person.

    Applicants must not be under 18 years of age.

  3. Fees

    Premise licence and Club premise fees

  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Apply for a Provisional Statement

    Guidance notes

  5. Attachments required

    a) Plan of Premises b) Schedule of Works

  6. Processing and timescales

    A copy of the application will be provided to Responsible Authorities on first working day after the Notification is received.

    At the end of the consultation period if no representations are received the licence will be granted and issued within further 2 weeks.

    The consultation period is 28 days from the day after the application is received. If representations are received a hearing will be held with 20 working days of the end of the consultation.

    A decision notice will be sent within 10 working days of the determination.

  7. Legislation

  8. Validity and renewals

    The Licence is valid whilst the premises is used for licensable activities and subject to annual fees.

    We will automatically raise an invoice for the payment.

  9. Register

    The electronic premises licensing register is currently unavailable. a copy of the register is available for inspection on request, please email to make an appointment to view between 9am - 5pm at the Licensing Unit, Level 1, Town Hall Extension, Manchester, M2 5DB.

  10. Complaints

    Contact Licensing in the first instance.

    If an application for a licence is refused the failed applicant can appeal.

    Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of decision. A licence holder may appeal against any conditions attached to a licence, a decision to reject a variation application, a decision to reject a transfer application or a decision to exclude an activity or person as premises supervisor. Appeals are made to a Magistrates' court within 21 days of notice of the decision.

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