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Private hire vehicle

  1. Summary

    A private hire vehicle (PHV) is either a saloon or multi purpose vehicle (MPV) using petrol, diesel or LPG fuel.

    They can carry a maximum 8 passengers and must be pre-booked with an operator and driven by a private hire driver licensed by us.

    A PHV must be either white or silver in colour, less than 7 years old, display front and rear id plates and carry approved operator livery and is subject to inspection at our Gorton test centre before a licence is issued.

    If you have any enquiries relating to vehicle specification, colour, age or seating arrangements, please contact the test centre directly on 0161 856 2047,2048,2047,2045 or 1860.

  2. Fees

    • Brand new vehicle - £220
    • Used/pre-owned vehicle (less than 5 years old) - £281
    • Used/pre-owned vehicle (more than 5 years old) - £342

  3. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Please note: Hackney carriage and Private hire vehicles are exempt from a MoT. If you require a certificate of exemption please visit the government website to obtain a V112.

  4. Attachments required

    • A photocopy of the  log book V5C (vehicle registration document) should be provided with your application. The log book must show your FULL name and current address; 
    • If the vehicle is BRAND NEW from a showroom, the log book V5C or invoice from the manufacturer/dealership must be provided AND a letter from the manufacturer/dealership stating the vehicle is brand new with delivery mileage only. Maximum delivery mileage permitted is 200 miles;
    • Preferred date and time for vehicle test appointment; and
    • Original valid insurance certificate and completed sticker request form should be taken to the test (not submitted with application).

  5. Processing and timescales

    How long does it take?

  6. Legislation

    All vehicles must:

    be less that 7 years old at date of application;
    be white or silver in colour;
    be a 4 door saloon or estate with right hand drive;
    have no more than 8 passenger seats;
    be road taxed with DVLA;
    have valid insurance to carry fare paying passengers;
    fitted with an approved taxi meter;
    display front and rear id plates;
    carry approved operator stickers.

  7. Validity and renewals

    12 months

  8. Register

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  9. Complaints

    Please email in the first instance

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