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City Centre Litter Bins

  1. What the project will do

    Many of the older City Centre older bins aren’t big enough or aren’t a good design to cope with the busy City Centre. What the bins look like is key to whether people use them or not.

    Research tells us that people are less likely to litter if there are enough bins and the area is clean.

    This project will replace all the litter bins with new ones. Any reusable bins will be put in other parts of the city. The bins are just one part of a bigger campaign to clean up our streets.

  2. How much funding this project was given


  3. Latest news

    The new ‘bee’ bins are in place across the city centre.

    Find out how the other projects are going on the Clean City Facebook page.

  4. Area or address

    City Centre

  5. Timescales

    Start date February/March 2014

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  8. What is clean city?

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