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A Community Guardian is someone local who cares about where they live, wants to be actively involved, and is prepared to volunteer to make a difference.

How much time you put into the role is up to you but whatever you do, you'll really make a difference. The Community Guardian Scheme can offer you support and guidance to develop your voluntary work, or to join up with others in your area. You will get formal recognition as a Community Guardian, including ID to use when you're acting in your Guardian capacity.

There are three levels to choose from, depending on your preference:

1.  Community Guardian: you'll take a few minutes to report anything that goes wrong (or right!) in your area, such as incidents of graffiti, vandalism, broken street lights or litter. 

2. Community Guardian Plus: as well general reporting you may wish take a more active role in improving your area. You could become a part of a 'Manchester In Bloom' project,.help the organisers at local events, or represent the Community Guardian Scheme at larger events such as the Queen's Jubilee visit or Dig the City garden festival.

3. Community Guardian Mentor: at this level you'll be actively involved in organising events and reporting issues as above but you'd also share your experiences, expertise and knowledge. You will be part of our focus group and feed into the Community Guardian coordinator.

If you'd like to find out more, or have any questions about being a Community Guardian, email us at  

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