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Our hearts go out to Barcelona and Cambrils in the wake of the sickening incidents on 17 August 2017. Manchester stands in solidarity.

Sign our book of condolence.


People & communities We Love Manchester Emergency Fund

The money

Who will benefit from the Fund?
We are working with Victim Support and Police Family Liaison Officers to ensure the money gets to those affected.

The Fund will help the dependents of those killed and injured, as well as those who have suffered physical or mental trauma following the attack.

Distribution of the Fund
We will release the donations in phases. Although there is a need to act quickly and support people’s immediate need, we need to ensure diligence. Many people donated money and we need to make sure that we are distributing the money fairly.

Payments of £1million have been made to families of the bereaved and those who stayed in hospital on 1 June.

We gave

  • Bereaved families £20,000
  • People who have been in hospital seven days or longer £10,000
  • People who were in hospital overnight £3,500

On 13 June, a further £4.4m was distributed to the bereaved families and those who had to stay in hospital seven days or longer.

We gave:

  • Bereaved families £50,000
  • People who have been in hospital seven days or longer £50,000

The rest of the funds will be distributed in phases. This approach will allow us to help people who are suffering from long-term or delayed effects of the attack or have preferred to apply later on.

Means tested
We do not means test the payments based on the income or wealth of the recipients.

Who has received funding
We would not release the details of people who have received any of the fund. Their confidentiality is paramount to us.

Is this compensation for the attack?
The money we distribute is not compensation; it is a gesture of solidarity and goodwill from the donors. 
Victims the attack may be eligible for compensation. They can apply for this from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). They are a Government organisation who deal with compensation claims from people who have been injured either physically or mentally, because they were a victim of a violent crime in England, Scotland or Wales.
We cannot help with applications to the CICA however those affected will be able to access free support via Manchester Law Society. You can call them on 0161 831 7337 or go to

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