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Our Current Investigations

 Over the next couple of months the Committee will be looking at the following areas of work:

  • Early Help
  • Attendance and Exclusions
  • Child Health

Latest News

21/10/14 - Parent Governor Representatives
The Committee has a number of elected co-opted members who support councillors to scrutinise local education issues.  Nominations have recently been requested for the three Parent Governor Representative posts.  The Committee received three nominations from Ms Eve Holt (Manley Park Primary School), Ms Carrin Wibier (Claremont Primary School) and Mr Abdigafar Muse (Plymouth Grove Primary School).   In October, the Committee welcomed Ms Eve Holt, who is an existing member, and the two new members, Ms Carrin Wibier and Mr Abdigafar Muse, who have been appointed for the next two years

23/09/14 - OfSTED
In September the Committee received a report on the recent Ofsted Inspection which had judged children’s services in Manchester to be “inadequate”.  The Committee was deeply concerned by this report and challenged officers on the reasons for the failings and the steps needed to tackle them. The Committee decided to include this issue as a standing item at future Committee meetings to closely monitor and challenge progress made in responding to the concerns raised in the report.  Members also decided to expand the remit of the Committee’s Ofsted Subgroup in order to consider the safeguarding arrangements in more detail.

31/07/14 – Early Years
In July the Committee received a report on proposals for the management and organisation of Manchester’s Sure Start Children’s Centres, including the responses to a consultation exercise.  The Committee was asked to comment on the proposals before the report was submitted to the Executive for a final decision.  Members were reassured to hear that spending on universal services for under-fives was not being reduced and, overall, supported the recommendations in the report.  However, they were concerned that the information in the report did not fully reflect all the responses from the consultation exercise.  The Committee asked for more information on the consultation exercise to be provided to the Executive to ensure that the views expressed by Manchester residents were fully taken into account when taking the decision.  The Executive considered the Committee’s comments and the additional information provided and agreed to implement the proposals.

8/04/2014 - 2013/14
During the year, the Young People and Children Scrutiny Committee has continued to examine a wide range of issues which affect children and young people in Manchester. As Council services undergo significant change, the Committee has considered proposed changes in a number of areas, including Looked After Children Commissioning and Early Years services, and has agreed to continue to monitor the implementation of these proposals. Members discussed in detail the introduction of Multi-Systemic Therapy, identifying areas of concern and agreed with council officers how the effectiveness of the therapy would be monitored.

The Committee was consulted on the development of a new strategy on school governance and made a number of recommendations, including amendments to the job description and person specification for school governors.  The Committee has also looked at a range of safeguarding issues, including child trafficking, female genital mutilation and improvements to social work practice in Manchester . 

The Ofsted Subgroup has continued to consider Ofsted inspection reports for Manchester schools and its remit has been widened to include Ofsted inspections of children’s centres and daycare providers and of local authority arrangements for supporting school improvement.

Get Involved

To find out more information have a look at our full work programme.  This includes what topics we will be looking at, what specific issues we will be considering and who we will be hearing from.  Please bear in mind that the programme is continually updated, and so dates and agenda items may change from those listed in the programme.

If there's an issue you want to contribute to, let us know.  You can either send a written contribution to or you can attend a meeting and ask the Chair if you can speak.  You can also suggest a topic for us to look into by filling in our 'suggestions form.'

If you want to speak to somebody about contributing to the committee, please call our scrutiny support officer on 0161 234 3071 or e mail

The Role of the Committee

 Julie Reid

 "As members of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee, we challenge the Council and other public services to make sure that they give young people in Manchester every chance to live happy, fulfilling and successful lives.  We have discussions with these organisations and use our experience of representing children and parents in our wards to recommend to them how they can ensure their services meet your needs. 

Our areas of interest include education, looked after children, social care for children, provision for under 5's, disabled children, special educational needs and activities and facilities for young people. 

Through this page you'll be able to keep in touch with what we've been doing and find out what we'll be investigating over the next few months and how you can get involved" - Councillor Julie Reid, Chair of the Young People and Children Scrutiny Committee.

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