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End of Year Summary 2016/17

During the year, the Committee has considered a number of equalities-related issues including progress with the Council's equality objectives, work to further improve the Council's equality monitoring activity in priority areas and transgender issues.  The Committee continued to scrutinise the development and co-production of the All Age Disability Strategy.  The Committee considered a report on the Accessibility of Venues and made a number of recommendations, including that an Accessibility Charter be incorporated into the All Age Disability Strategy.  The Committee has also asked the Executive Member for Culture and Leisure to consider how the Manchester Day Parade can be made more accessible for disabled people, including people with autism.  The Committee has requested a further report on the All Age Disability Strategy, which addresses the issues they have raised, and will continue to scrutinise this area.

In November, the Committee welcomed Superintendent Arif Nawaz from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) who provided an overview of the New Policing Model, answered Members' questions and listened to the feedback that Members had received from residents about GMP.  The Committee requested an update at a future meeting, when they would consider how the new model was working in practice.

Over a number of meetings, the Committee considered the budget savings options for the next three years in relation to areas within their remit and made a number of recommendations which were taken into account when the decisions were taken on the final budget proposals. 

At its January meeting, the Committee considered the issue of volunteering.  They received a report which provided an overview of volunteering in Manchester and heard from invited guests, including representatives from Macc, an organisation which provides support services to the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and runs Volunteer Centre Manchester, and a number of volunteers, who shared their experiences.  The Committee also heard from officers and voluntary organisations about the development of the Council's new approach to funding the VCS, which was being developed through a co-design process, fully involving VCS organisations.  The Committee requested a further report on the new funding model, following the consultation process and will continue to scrutinise this issue.

22/06/2016 Manchester Libraries
In June the Committee looked at Manchester Libraries: the vision, strategy and service developments over the past ten years and the future developments and priorities across the service. Members heard that Manchester had one of the best library services in the UK and operated an exemplar archive service. Members requested further information on Archives Plus be brought to its July meeting.

Members praised community libraries and their 'neighbourhood focus'. They requested further information be brought to a future meeting where the 'Our Manchester' approach and the role of volunteers would be considered. The Executive Member for Culture and Leisure explained the Council was currently working to produce a strategy for volunteering across different sectors; which would include volunteering within libraries. 

Members heard about plans to make improvements to existing libraries and the wide range of services on offer at Manchester libraries including business support. Members asked whether more could be done to promote these services and were updated on the progress of the Communications Strategy. Members requested more information about active library users across the city and were told that a survey was planned which would include more detail on library usage; and data on ward, ethnicity, and gender; the results of which could be shared with the Committee in due course.

Get Involved

To find out more information have a look at our full work programme.  This includes what topics we will be looking at, what specific issues we will be considering and who we will be hearing from.  Please bear in mind that the programme is continually updated, and so dates and agenda items may change from those listed in the programme.

If there's an issue you want to contribute to, let us know.  You can either send a written contribution to or you can attend a meeting and ask the Chair if you can speak. You can also suggest a topic for us to look into by filling in our 'suggestions form.

If you want to speak to somebody about contributing to the committee, please call our scrutiny support officer on 0161 234 3241 or e mail

Role of the Committee 

Councillor Tracey Rawlins

 "As members of the Communities and Equalities Scrutiny Committee, we challenge public services to work together to make Manchester a safe city. We also test how the Council and its partners are making sure their services are equally easy for all Manchester's diverse residents to access. We have discussions with these organisations and use our experience of representing residents from a wide range of backgrounds to recommend to them how they can ensure their services meet the needs of all Manchester residents. 

Our areas of interest include cohesion, equality and inclusion, services for older people, advice services, young offenders, domestic violence, crime and policing, the voluntary sector, culture, libraries and theatres, and leisure and sport.

Through this page you'll be be able to keep in touch with what we've been doing and find out what we'll be investigating over the next few months and how you can get involved." - Councillor Tracey Rawlins, Chair of Communities and Equalities Scrutiny Committee.

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