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How we manage air quality

Air pollution can have significant effects on health and the environment. For this reason local authorities have legal responsibilities for assessing and working towards improving air quality in their areas to meet stringent health based objectives set by the Government.  

Attempts to control air pollution in the UK date back to the thirteenth century, although it wasn't until after the industrial revolution and the Clean Air Act of 1956 that effective measures to prevent gross air pollution were implemented.  

We have a long history of action to clean the air, and as a result of this action and other national measures to reduce air pollution, air quality has improved dramatically in Manchester and across the UK . In Manchester , winter levels of smoke and sulphur dioxide have been reduced by more than 95%.  

For current national air pollutant levels visit the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs UK-AIR website.  

Local air quality data can be found from the Great Air Manchester website. 

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