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Environmental problems Winter damage fund - Department for Transport

How we used the grant

The Department for Transport (DfT) made £200m available to local authorities for carriageway repairs. The fund would only be available for additional maintenance to complement, rather than displace, already identified and agreed maintenance programmes.

Manchester City Council made an application and was awarded a grant of £873,072.

Our approved Highways Planned Maintenance Budget for 2011/12 is £8.526m and the approved programme is shown attached as Appendix A.

Our approved Reactive Maintenance Budget for 2011/12 (to make safe and repair actionable defects) is £1.06m. This budget is spent on defects identified during routine inspections and in response to reports. We have established a Code of Practice for Highway Safety Inspections, based on national standards, which defines road, footway and cycle-way hierarchies, inspection procedures, frequencies of inspections, recording of actionable defects, risk management and the response time for the prioritised repair of defects. Actionable defects are classed as 20mm and above in the footway, 30mm and above in the carriageway for city operational ward, 25mm and above in the footway, or 40mm and above in other areas.

Highway Services Officers identified 226 sites requiring repairs that qualified under the terms of the DfT grant, at a total estimated cost of £4.5m. To reduce this list and bring it in line with the available budget, and to spread the repairs throughout the city, a minimum of three sites per ward was selected, prioritised by road usage.

Appendix B attached to this report is a schedule of the sites which were repaired using the DfT funding. The works were carried out under existing contracts and have now been completed.  

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