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How we can help

Often the first time people get in touch with us is when something has changed or happened in their lives. This could be a fall or an accident that means you can't manage things yourself for a short period. you may be recovering from an operation and need additional support when you leave hospital or perhaps a change in your life means you are struggling to manage on your own for the first time.

If so, the best way to help you regain your independence and manage on your own may be re-ablement. This is a short term period of assessment and intensive support which can last for up to six weeks. Re-ablement is available for Manchester residents aged 18 and over. We'll advise whether this is the right option for you.

Throughout your re-ablement we'll work with you to help you regain your independence. We'll encourage you to set goals to achieve and see how you're meeting these each week. Hopefully at the end of your re-ablement you'll be able to manage on your own and be ready to get on with your life. If we think there are additional support services in your local community that could be of benefit, we'll tell you.

Some people may need longer term support. We call this ongoing help a support package. This might be help to live at home, to go to work, or it could be residential care in a care or nursing home. We'll tell you what support is available and whether we are able to make a contribution to it's cost.

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