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Going into or leaving hospital

There may be a time when you have to go into hospital for a planned treatment or an emergency. If you know in advance you should notify your care providers where and when you will be going in, and how long you will be likely to be in hospital. You may need to make arrangements to take care of things at home, such as the care of a pet, or managing your post.

If you are someone's carer, or your own carer is going into hospital then it is important that you make alternative arrangements.

If your hospital stay is an emergency you should let one of the nurses on the ward know as soon as possible if any of the above situations affect you. Carers can carry a 'Carers Emergency' contact card which tells staff that they care for someone and who to contact.

If necessary when you are ready to leave hospital a discharge team (made up of social workers and NHS staff) will discuss what support you have in place to meet any ongoing needs you may have.

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