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Social care & support Children in Need

Children in Need Meetings

A child in need meeting is arranged to support children and families who have a social worker and are in need.

The meetings are chaired by independent Child in Need Coordinators, who are part of the Manchester Safeguarding and Improvement Unit, and will be held at a convenient time and place for the family. At the meeting parents or carers will have the opportunity to talk to professionals who work with their children, be involved with decision making, and share any concerns that they may have.

The meetings will identify the strengths and difficulties of the family, and a multi agency plan will be developed to meet their needs, this will then be reviewed on a regular basis. The independent Child in Need Coordinators will meet with the parent beforehand to ensure the parent has the opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns.

The team is managed by Jane Slinger and can be contacted at:

Jane Slinger
Manchester Safeguarding and Improvement Unit
R & D Block
Wenlock Way
West Gorton
M12 5DH

Tel: 0161 203 3232

The following document can be downloaded as a guidance to Children in Need case planning

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