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Most people want to look after themselves as much as possible. Some of us need help and support to live independently. You might get help with some tasks from other people - like friends, family or professional carers. But with the right equipment, you might find you can do more for yourself than you thought.

Sometimes, equipment and technology on its own is not enough to keep you independent. If this is the case, we can look at making adaptations to your home, or even look for a new home which has already been adapted to help you get around.  Typical examples include stairlifts and walk in showers or ramped access.

What can equipment and technology help with?

There is equipment available to help with almost all aspects of daily life, different kinds of disability, hearing or visual impairment, or to make life safer and easier as you get older. In addition, we have a range of technology that can help support you to be independent and keep you safe.

Equipment might be to help you get dressed, help you with bathing, help you to manage in the kitchen, or even help you getting out and about. It depends on your individual circumstances as to what equipment will be best for you.

The Council no longer provides low level equipment unless it's necessary as part of re-ablement (an intensive service to help you regain your independence) or vital for your independence.  Where we cannot support your needs for low level equipment, we will signpost you to alternative providers on the high street.

If you're having trouble with some aspects of your daily life that you think could be made easier by equipment or adaptations, speak to our contact service. We'll ask you some questions to see what you're struggling with. There might be other solutions, rather than, or as well as, equipment and we'll help you identify your needs as part of a complete assessment.

If you have equipment which has been provided by Manchester City Council that you no longer need, you can ring us to arrange for it to be collected on 0161 234 5001.


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