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Social services Get help to make a complaint about NHS Services

Do you have a complaint about the care you have received from the NHS?

Independent Complaints Advocacy can help you make this complaint, by providing a free, confidential and independent service designed to help you understand your rights and make your voice heard.

The National Health Service (NHS) works hard to treat everyone properly and promptly. Although most people using the health service are happy with their treatment, things can sometimes go wrong and you may wish to complain.

If you're not satisfied with the service you've experienced from a hospital, doctor, dentist, local surgery or other NHS provider, you are entitled to complain but it is not always easy to understand the standard of service you have a right to expect or to present your experience in appropriate words.

A qualified advocate will support you to:

  • explore the options available at every stage of the complaints procedure 
  • provide confidential support from someone who is independent of the NHS
  • write effective letters to the right people 
  • prepare for meetings and maybe even go with you 
  • contact and speak to third parties if required

A range of 'self-help' materials is available if you do not need the support of an advocate but want some advice on the best way to make a complaint.

Visit the Manchester Advocacy Hub website:

or call 0161 214 3904

This service is commissioned by Manchester City Council through our delivery partner: The Gaddum Centre.


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Was this page helpful?