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What is Port Health?

We operate the Port Health Units at each of the terminals within Manchester airport.

We enforce a wide range of International, European and Domestic Legislation at the airport and on board aircrafts.  The principal legislation that applies to aircraft arriving from outside the UK is the Public Health (Aircraft) Regulations 1979 which implement the provisions of the International Health Regulations 1969.

These controls are in place to protect the public and health within the UK and Europe . International health controls are in place to prevent the spread of infectious disease from aircrafts, goods and passengers arriving into the UK. 

The regulations require that port health is notified of any cases or symptoms of specified suspected infectious disease on board an aircraft before it arrives at the airport, this is done by the commander of the aircraft by notifying the airport before the aircraft lands. This enables arrangements to be made for a medical officer to visit the aircraft, assess the patient and initiate controls to stop disease being introduced into the UK .

There are also controls over conditions on board aircraft aimed at preventing public health hazards for crew and passengers by vectors such as rodents, mosquitoes or other insects.  

Inspections of aircraft that travel internationally may be carried out to ensure that aircrafts are properly managed and are free from pests and disease and that food is stored and prepared hygienically.

Aircrafts are subject to food hygiene regulations and can be inspected by officers from the council, water supplies to aircrafts may also be monitored. 

Unfortunately we do not run Port Health Courses.



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