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Children & childcare Support for adoptive parents

You could get extra money to pay for therapeutic services such as cognitive therapy, play and music therapy and intensive family support.

When a child comes to live with you, their current and future support needs will have been identified and a support package will be discussed with you and provided.  This may include the involvement of the Adoption Psychology Service, Financial support (this is means tested) or other services.  You will continue to receive the support of the child's social worker and your supervising social worker until the Adoption Order is made.

Following the making of the Adoption order post adoption support is provided by the placing authority (ie. Manchester, if the child is a Manchester child) for 3 years.  Following this it will be provided by the local authority where you live.

Every Local Authority has an Adoption Support Service Advisor ASSA who is the first point of contact for all post adoption queries.

Manchester's post adoption service is provided by After Adoption

After Adoption is an established voluntary organisation based in Manchester. They currently provide post adoption counselling, support, advice and information for the following groups of people:

  • Adopted people over the age of 18 years who are seeking information about their origins through access to their birth records
  • Adopted people who are seeking or have made contact with their birth parents and other relatives and are seeking advice and support
  • Birth parents and birth relatives seeking information or counselling service
  • Anyone else involved in the adoption process

If you are a new adopter, your supervising social worker and your child's social worker will meet with you when you are matched with a child to discuss the proposed Support Plan. An After Adoption worker will also make contact with you to discuss the level of support you require.

What support is available?

  • An individual support package to all children placed for adoption
  • Support to all looked after children where a review recommendation is made that the child be made subject to a Residence Order or Special Guardianship Order Support groups for adopters held at least once every two months
  • Children's groups held during school holidays and half term
  • A Family Day held once a year for all families. There are also other occasional events (e.g. Christmas) which families will be invited to attend
  • Occasional open days where books, tapes and other similar resources can be borrowed or purchased

This service is a joint initiative between Manchester Children's Services and registered charity After Adoption. If you are an adopter, have been adopted, are a birth relative or are involved in the adoption process you can access these support service directly at After Adoption - 0161 839 4930

If you are an approved adopter for Manchester but live outside of the Manchester area you will receive this support for three years after the granting of your Adoption Order. Thereafter the Local Authority for the area in which you live will be responsible for providing post adoption support.

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