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What sort of children?

Nearly 100 Manchester children need families and parents to give them a vital chance of a better life. They need love, stability and a safe nurturing environment. They have suffered some loss or disruption in their young lives, and have been affected by those experiences.

Many of the children have some form of special needs. Some are on their own, others need a home together with their brother(s) or sister(s). We are always looking for families who can take more than one child.

Diverse population

The children come from Manchester's ethnically and culturally diverse population. We welcome adoptive parents from every community so we can find a family that reflects or promotes a child's individual identity.

The children are up to eight years old, and we are particularly looking for adoptive parents for the older children. If you adopt an older child you'll still be there for many of their 'firsts', like going to the seaside, riding a bike, writing their name or bringing a friend home for tea.

Rewarding experience

Many of the boys and girls have been neglected, some have been abused. This can lead to emotional difficulties or challenging behaviour. Others have a disability, or function at a level younger than their age. Many have a lot of catching up to do.

Sadly, young children often need a new family because their parents drank or took drugs during pregnancy. This can leave children with development problems that might last a lifetime.

But the children are often lively and likeable. Helping a child develop and thrive in a happy home, despite his or her early difficulties in life, is a truly rewarding experience.

See more about this in our adoption information pack.

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