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What's involved? Matching you with a child

When you have been recommended as an adoptive parent it's time to match you with a child or children who needs a family . . .

1. Once your approval to adopt comes through, we will consider you for children whose needs you could meet.

2. When you are matched with a child you will be able to talk to the child's social worker and decide whether you and the child could be suitable for each other.

3. If you think this is the right child for you, you will go back to our adoption panel for them to recommend the match. You can come to this panel meeting if you want.

4. The adoption panel's recommendation that you should be matched with the child is approved by a senior council officer.

5. We'll arrange a placement planning meeting where you can talk in detail to the child's foster carer and social workers about the child's needs and plan when to meet.

6. You meet the child for the first time.

7. You visit the child at their foster home to get to know each other. You'll visit every day for up to two weeks, depending on the child's age.

8. If everything's gone according to plan, the child moves in with you. We will visit once a week for the first four weeks to give you help and support and continue to visit regularly.

9. After four weeks, and then after four months of the child coming to you, review meetings, chaired by an independent person, will make sure you and the child have the right support.

10. When the child has lived with you for at least 10 weeks you can make a formal application to legally adopt him or her. The final decision is made by a judge at court who looks at reports from everyone involved.

11. When the judge is fully satisfied, he or she will issue an adoption order. You are now the child's parents and all rights and responsibilities held by the birth parents are transferred to you.

12. You and the child go to the court to meet the judge and celebrate.

You have changed the life of a child, followed your dream, and started your new family life!

See more about this in our adoption information pack.

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