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Volunteering is a great opportunity for you to gain experience and develop new skills whilst making a difference to peoples’ lives.

You will also gain a relevant qualification.

Volunteer Work Club Mentors

Work Clubs support job seekers to stay focused and motivated in their search for employment. As a volunteer Work Club Mentor, you will support job seekers to search and apply for jobs in a caring and supportive atmosphere. You’ll achieve a Mentoring Skills qualification.

Volunteer Digital Mentors

We offer training for volunteers to be Digital Mentors to help people improve their digital skills and get online. As a volunteer Digital Mentor you will be helping people to get on the internet, start using e-mail or social networks or use basic word processing programmes. You’ll also achieve a Mentoring Skills qualification.

Preparing to Volunteer

This short course will help you think about what sort of volunteering would suit you and help you find a placement. It will help you understand what it means to be a volunteer, what to expect and how volunteering can develop your skills.

Case Study: Guylene

Guylene cmyk

"I joined a MAES Work Club for help in applying for jobs.

After a few sessions, my tutor suggested that I join MAES’ volunteering programme.  I joined because I was interested in using my skills, learning new ones and meeting other volunteers. I found the course very interesting – the whole experience has improved my confidence and I have also learnt new skills.

The course gave me the skills and expertise to help those who need it and I also received excellent advice from my tutor who took the time to be very clear and supportive. We discussed lots of interesting issues and all the things needed as a mentor which will help create a good relationship with mentees.

Volunteering has given me new friends, new interests, a more positive outlook and confidence. I have also gained employment as I’ve now found a job as a French Language Assistant in a high school. 

I warmly recommend this course for everyone who needs to gain experience to help them get a job"

Case Study: Stuart

Manchester Adult Education Services

"I enrolled on the Volunteer programme because I currently run a work club at Manchester Cathedral and I wanted to broaden my communication skills and also learn how to read people better. I found that all the help I needed was available from my tutor. I think the single most important thing I learned on the course was how easy it is to get things wrong just by badly wording a phrase or how poor body language can affect communication. I learned lots of things which when put together make a big difference to how I deliver my work club. I would have to say that my new communication skills have improved my confidence and allow me to better express my feelings. Although I am still currently looking for work, learning has certainly changed the way I look at life. And as for my mentor course that has changed my volunteering position significantly. I am much more confident and believe I am better person because of my mentor course. This course will give you a massive boost and will even surprise you, some of the new skills I have gained were a little unexpected but very welcome in my work club environment"


Download Being a Volunteer Course Guide 2015/16


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