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Getting Work and Work Experience

Work Clubs and Getting Work Workshops

MAES Work Club Plus sessions can help you to think about the right job for you and work out if you have the skills you need. 

You can get on-line to look for jobs, fill in applications and update your CV.  If you need to learn new skills or get qualifications for work, we can help.  We also offer workshops to help you feel more positive about job searching and preparing for interviews. 

Making a Change

If you have been out of work for a while because of health or confidence issues, our Making a Change sessions could be right for you. 

Our tutors and volunteers will get you thinking about the skills you have and how to build your skills and motivation bit by bit and start setting goals for the future. 

We will help you plan your pathway to work.  

Confident Communication

Do you want to develop your confidence, communication skills, motivation and positive thinking to prepare yourself for employment or volunteering?  This short course of six 2½-hour sessions will help you feel more confident about:

  • working in a team to solve problems, make decisions and share ideas;
  • communicating effectively with others;
  • listening and speaking in groups

What learners said:

"I feel better working with other people."

"We worked very hard and very quickly.  It was very enjoyable, and we all feel successful."

"I've met these lovely people and we've all drawn something out of it."

"Now I can speak more fluently and more confidently.  I am happier to speak in a group."

You may also be interested in getting involved in our Volunteer Programme to get some valuable work experience or looking at joining a course such as English, Maths, Childcare, Education, Adult Health and Social Care or Computer courses, to help improve your job prospects.

For further information on the above courses please contact:

Emma Langlois:  Email or Mobile 07989 436169.

Case Study - Sajida Shahid

Sajida shahid

"Initially I came to the MAES Work Club to create a CV and help me in my job search.

I was very nervous at first but my confidence has really improved since attending.  I have learnt how to upload my CV to relevant job sites and complete on-line application forms. Thanks to the Work Club I've improved my computer knowledge and enrolled on a maths course.

My tutor is very helpful and has helped me to secure two jobs - one in a call centre and the other in a local store as a sales assistant.  I have also recently secured another position in sales.

I would advise anyone to come to this class as the tutor is really friendly and supportive and has helped me to successfully apply for and find work"


Download Getting Work and Work Experience Course Guide 2017/18

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