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Work Experience and Volunteering

Preparing for Work Experience

Unpaid work experience is a great opportunity for you to develop new skills gain valuable experience and prepare for the workplace.  This short course of four 2½-hour sessions will help you to:

  • Think about what sort of work experience or volunteer opportunity would suit your skills and your interests;
  • Give you ideas for job opportunities and help you to find work experience;
  • Understand what to expect in the workplace.

What learners said:

"I found each week interesting and enjoyed doing the exercises rather than just listening."

"I feel the course has increased my confidence and motivation to volunteer."

"I feel I know more about what volunteering opportunities there are out there."

Preparing for Placement

This is a bespoke course we run if organisations have a group who are interested in taking the course.  This is a short course of six 2-hour sessions which will help you:

  • think about what sort of roles would suit you best;
  • communicate effectively with members of the public;
  • get the most out of your work experience.

What learners said:

"It has given me the confidence to communicate in a group."

"It helped me to build my confidence and find out what I'd like to do."

"It helped me to recap and update my knowledge.  It also helped me to understand safeguarding and new skills, and to find out about the skills and qualities I have."

"It has given me new confidence, and I have learnt new things and met new friends."

Volunteer Digital Mentors

This course is aimed at people who volunteer or are thinking of volunteering as Digital Mentors and will help you give better support to people who are looking for work or starting to use computers and the Internet.  The short course runs once a week for six weeks over 2½-hour sessions.

For further information on the above courses please contact:

Emma Langlois:  Email or Mobile 07989 436169.

You could also volunteer to get more work experience.

Case Study: Guylene

Guylene cmyk

"I joined a MAES Work Club for help in applying for jobs.

After a few sessions, my tutor suggested that I join MAES' volunteering programme.  I joined because I was interested in using my skills, learning new ones and meeting other volunteers. I found the course very interesting - the whole experience has improved my confidence and I have also learnt new skills.

The course gave me the skills and expertise to help those who need it and I also received excellent advice from my tutor who took the time to be very clear and supportive.  We discussed lots of interesting issues and all the things needed as a mentor which will help create a good relationship with mentees.

Volunteering has given me new friends, new interests, a more positive outlook and confidence.  I have also gained employment as I've now found a job as a French Language Assistant in a high school. 

I warmly recommend this course for everyone who needs to gain experience to help them get a job."

Case Study: Stuart

Manchester Adult Education Services

"I enrolled on the Volunteer programme because I currently run a work club at Manchester Cathedral and I wanted to broaden my communication skills and also learn how to read people better.  I found that all the help I needed was available from my tutor.  I think the single most important thing I learned on the course was how easy it is to get things wrong just by badly wording a phrase or how poor body language can affect communication.  I learned lots of things which when put together make a big difference to how I deliver my work club.  I would have to say that my new communication skills have improved my confidence and allow me to better express my feelings.  Although I am still currently looking for work, learning has certainly changed the way I look at life.  And as for my mentor course that has changed my volunteering position significantly.  I am much more confident and believe I am better person because of my mentor course.  This course will give you a massive boost and will even surprise you, some of the new skills I have gained were a little unexpected but very welcome in my work club environment." 

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