Manchester City Council

Benefits & Support Discretionary Payments (DHP and DCTP)

When we wouldn't help

In general, we wouldn't pay Discretionary Housing Payments in these situations.

  • If your benefit falls a long way short of the rent because the landlord is overcharging by a large amount or because of the Local Housing Allowance rates.
  • Because Local Housing Allowance rates and local reference rents have put homes in many parts of Manchester beyond the means of many people claiming Housing Benefit. 
  • If your preference for a size of home, type of home or area to live in is not strictly necessary and you have no compelling reasons for this preference.
  • When your non-dependants have not paid their share of your housing costs but they have the means to do so.
  • The inadequacy of benefits for disability to cover the cost of disability towards which they are paid. 
  • If you are unwilling to use other available resources or to apply for other more appropriate forms of help. 
  • If you could deal with your housing costs in other ways, for example, by moving to cheaper accommodation or by claiming other benefits.
  • If you move from a council or Housing Association tenancy to unaffordable private-rented accommodation, unless the move is for the most compelling reasons.
  • If you move to private-rented accommodation when it should be clear to you that the property is too large or unaffordable.
  • If you move from a property with a lower council tax band to a higher banded property, other than for the most compelling reasons.
  • If you apply for a discretionary payment towards council tax for an empty property.

We can't pay towards service charges that don't count for Housing Benefit - things like charges for water, heating or meals.

We can't usually help with the cost of deposits, rent in advance or removal costs because our priority is to help you stay in your existing home. But we may consider help with these if you are moving to a smaller home that you can afford, and this makes a larger council or housing association home available for other tenants.

If you're not sure whether we would pay Discretionary Payments, apply anyway and we'll tell you.

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