Manchester City Council

Benefits & Support Discretionary Payments (DHP and DCTP)

What happens after I apply?

We will write to you as soon as we can with a decision, or to ask for more information or evidence.

We will tell you how much we will pay and how long for.

If we pay you, we will normally pay your Discretionary Housing Payment with your normal Housing Benefit. We will always pay your Discretionary Council Tax Payment to your council tax account.

If we decide not to pay, we will not consider a repeat request unless

  • you can provide evidence that your situation has become significantly worse or
  • your repeat request is after a substantial period of time has passed.

However, see what to do if you're not satisfied.

You must tell us about any changes. If you don't, or you're slow to tell us, we may pay you too much. We can ask you to pay us back.

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