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Benefits & Support Discretionary Payments (DHP and DCTP)

What to do if you're not satisfied

These payments are discretionary so you do not have the right to appeal.

But we will look at decisions again if you're not satisfied and you ask us in writing (you can email us) within a reasonable time (usually within one month of our decision).

Tell us why you're not satisfied, whether anything has changed or if there is extra information you didn't give us before.  

A senior manager (someone not involved in the original decision) will look at the decision again. They will decide whether to change it.

After this, if you're still not satisfied, you can ask for the decision to be looked at again if you ask within a reasonable time (usually within a month of the senior manager's decision). The Head of Financial Management or the City Treasurer will look at the decision again. Their decision will be final.

To ask us to look at a decision again write to: Discretionary Payments
Appeals Section, PO Box 162, Manchester M15 5QP.

or email:

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