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Benefits & Support Local Housing Allowance

Who can get Local Housing Allowance?

LHA is for some tenants of private landlords as follows:

  • Those who make a brand new claim for Housing Benefit
  • Those who claim Housing Benefit after a gap in their benefit, even a short gap
  • Those who already get Housing Benefit for a home in Manchester and move to a privately rented home in Manchester

The following groups of tenants can't get LHA and their Housing Benefit will still be worked out using pre-April 2008 rules:

  • Tenants of private landlords who don't meet the rules described above
  • Private tenants whose tenancy began before January 1989
  • Housing association tenants
  • Manchester Housing and Northwards Housing tenants
  • Tenants of charities or voluntary organisations, who get a package of care and support from their landlord (or from somebody else on behalf of their landlord)
  • Tenants who live in caravans, houseboats, mobile homes and hostels
  • Tenants in board-and-lodging accommodation

Note: If you are currently looking for privately-rented accommodation and are considering moving into either board and lodgings, a caravan, a houseboat, a mobile home or a hostel you could get an idea of how much help you would get with your rent before you sign up for the tenancy. Download this pre-tenancy determination form or ring 0161 455 1010 and we will send you a form. You could pick up a form from our Customer Service Centre at Ground Floor (Mount Street Entrance), Town Hall Extension, Albert Square if you prefer. Return the fully filled-in form to us and we will send it to the Valuation Office Agency.

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