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Benefits & support Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rules

Local Housing Allowance for people in shared accommodation

The LHA rate for shared accommodation is usually lower than the one-bedroom rate.
There are some exceptions:

  • If one of you is severely disabled and gets the middle or higher rate care part of Disability Living Allowance, you get the one-bedroom LHA rate instead.
  • If one of you is under 22 and has been in the care of a local authority since the age of 16, or housed by a local authority since the age of 16, you get the one-bedroom LHA rate instead.
  • If one of you receives overnight care from a carer who does not live with you, you get the two-bedroom LHA rate instead.
There are also some exceptions for single over-35s who live alone and share some parts of the accommodation:
  • If you have sole use of at least two rooms (counting only bedrooms and living rooms) you get the one-bedroom rate of LHA instead of the shared rate, even though you share part of the accommodation with other households.
  • If you have sole use of one room and sole use of a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen or cooking facilities, you get the one-bedroom rate of LHA.

If you and your partner, if you have one, live in shared accommodation (sole use of one bedroom and shared use of any other rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or living room), you usually get the shared accommodation rate of LHA.

To claim Local Housing Allowance or find out what you are entitled to use our online form.

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