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Our online form is one form to claim Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support and free school meals.

You can also use it to check if you are entitled to any of these before you make a claim.

We ask you about Universal Credit when you fill in the form. If you tell us you already get it we will only ask questions to decide if you can get help with council tax and free school meals because Universal Credit usually covers your housing costs.

Special arrangements for Manchester residents whose postcode begins M33 3, WA15 0, WA15 7 or WA15 8
If you live in one of these postcode areas and aren't already getting Universal Credit, you need to decide where to apply for help with your housing costs.

To help you work this out:

  • Fill in our online form (see 'Claim Benefit' button below) if you have three or more children; or if you live in supported accommodation; or if you are Pension Credit-age. We will then check if you are entitled to help with council tax and school meals as well.
  • If none of these apply, you must claim help with your housing costs from Universal Credit (see the link below). Universal Credit will not help with council tax and school meals so you must fill in our online form as well. You need to complete both forms.
  • Sorry, but students can't usually claim help with rent. See Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support for students


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Was this page helpful?